I am a voice teacher and professional singer/musician graduated from “Escuela de música de Buenos Aires”(EMBA). I have more than 8 years of experience giving voice lessons to students of all ages, from children to adults, in single and group lessons. My studies were centered around modern music, and I identify myself especially as a Jazz and Tango singer. Nonetheless, I have taught a broad range of music genres to my students.

In my lessons, I work hard to provide a respectful and comfortable environment for the students where they can express themselves and feel good about the learning process. I like to motivate my students and be enthusiastic about their progress.

Music is a very special art, because it is a way to relax, a therapy, a game of feelings, and an internal shout of all those things we can’t say just with words. Music is a very important part of life. Playing music or singing makes you feel good, and knowing how to express yourself through it, can also make others feel a lot of things. Singing is an activity that is done with all the body and it is an expression of everything you have deep in your soul. For all these reasons, everyone that wants to sing, can do it. They only need to learn some techniques and practice.

I invite you to discover your singing skills, to express your feelings and to make your imagination fly in the world of songs.




"Con la idea que Melina mi hija tenga una actividad recreativa fuera del horario escolar, conoci a Belen con quien tomo clases de canto desde los 7 años. Con ella descubrio el mundo maravilloso de la expresion liberadora a traves de la cancion por la calidez que Belen ofrecia en cada clase. Despues por la confianza que le brindo y el calido ambiente donde compartia con su compañera, tambien tomo clases de guitarra. Este inicio ayudo a Mely a incursionar en el mundo del arte, siendo hoy parte importante de su vida. Gracias Belen por tanto! Excelente docente y ser humano, agradecida que la vida nos haya cruzado"

- Lidia, Buenos Aires, Argentina-

(Translation: I wanted my daughter Melina to do a recreational activity after school, and in this way I met Belen, with whom she took singing lessons since she was 7 years old. With Belen she discovered the wonderful world of free expression through songs, due to the warmth that Belen offered in every lesson. Afterwards, for the confidence and warm environment that she shared with a friend in her class, she also took guitar lessons with Belen. This beginning helped Mely to enter in the world of arts, being today a very important part of her life. Thank you Belen for so much! Excellent teacher and human being, thankful to life for having met her.)

" I would like to say THANKS A LOT to Belén!!! It was a real pleasure having her as a vocal teacher in my life! We met in Lugano, an amazingly beautiful city in Switzerland. I was 54 years old and had no intention of becoming an aspiring professional singer. I just loved and love to sing, this is my hobby. I am very grateful to Belén for our lessons, for her professionalism, for her love for her work, for her support, for her faith in her students, for the fact that studying with her was a great joy and happiness. I sincerely envy her future students, because they will have not only vocal training, but also pleasant communication with a wonderful person. I would like to wish her great success in her singing career, in her career as a musician and in her career as a vocal teacher".

-Irina (from Russia), Lugano, Switzerland-

Un placer haber pasado por las clases de canto con Belu!! Comenzó mi hija de 8 años, quien logró grandes resultados. Después de un tiempo me animé a cumplir mis sueños de volver a cantar!!! Cumpliendo uno de mis grandes sueños que fue poder cantar en un escenario junto a mi hija . Un recuerdo inolvidable!!! Todo esto también me permitió años después armar mi banda de Rock junto cuatro amigos, siendo el vocalista de la banda "OLD GREEN”. No tengo más que un gran GRACIAS BELU!!!

-Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina-